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Webinar or online tutorial
The researchers in this project offer a webinar or an online tutorial to share the project's findings and to engage participants in reflective and planning activities in relation to their own teaching context [contacts*].

Title of webinar/online tutorial: Transformational assessment: Rethinking the feedback process

Description: This free one-hour webinar is based on the findings from an OLT funded Seed project (2014-2016), But when do I get my mark? Students' responsiveness to adaptively released assessment feedback. During this webinar, we will define and share examples of transformative, adaptively-released feedback strategies, including variations in the sequencing and distribution of quantitative feedback (e.g., scores) and qualitative feedback (e.g., annotated comments). By sharing the practical recommendations and the Transformative Assessment Toolbox from our recent research, the webinar will also provide opportunities for reflection and discussion, with a focus on considering how the findings of the research project may be applied to your own teaching context.

Participants: Maximum of 20

Facilitators: Prof. Anthony Williams, Assoc. Prof. Maria Northcote and Dr Lindsay Morton of Avondale College of Higher Education
*If you are interested in participating in the webinar or the online tutorial, please contact one of the following: ^
Photo: Prof. Anthony Williams Prof. Anthony Williams tony.williams@avondale.edu.au
Photo: Assoc. Prof. Maria Northcote Assoc. Prof. Maria Northcote maria.northcote@avondale.edu.au
Photo: Dr Lindsay Morton Dr. Lindsay Morton lindsay.morton@avondale.edu.au
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