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News stories
What is it: The truth is that news is an intangible and very difficult to define. What appeals to one journalist may not appeal to her or his editor, and vice versa . One conception is a good news story will includes six news values based on timeliness, proximity, conflict/tension, prominence, human interest, and impact (consequence) see rubric example 1 below.
Let's write a newspaper story
  • John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory - In this senario, students will be transformed into reporters who write newspaper stories that can be pasted up into a class newspaper. The text version of a workshop presented at AFACCT Howard Community College

Rubric examples

  1. Media Literacy: Analysis of News Story-Journal 1
  2. Analysis of Message
  3. Rubric example: Journalism I Soft News Story Assessment
  4. Story Ideas rubric
 The News Manual A free online resource for journalists, would-be journalists, educators and people interested in the media. It has developed from the three-volume book 'The News Manual', which was published with the help of UNESCO as a practical guide to people entering the profession and to support mid-career journalists wanting to improve their skills. You can learn more by visiting the website or the About section.
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