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Getting Started
What is this: A set of resources for getting started and to expand your thinking of assessment.
Assessing Student Achievement of Learning Outcomes
  • This resource from Macquarie University aims to assist teachers to ensure that assessment tasks and practices are effective for student learning. An effective assessment task is one which assesses students' attainment of the learning outcomes. Unit learning outcomes are what students are expected to know, understand or be able to do in order to be successful in a unit. 

Qualitative & quantitative feedback defined

  • Explanation and further information about two types of feedback (qualitative & quantitative) and when to use them.
CSHE - University of Melbourne
Assessment (an excellent overview of assessment issues by Richard James of CSHE)
  • Assessment contributes to establishing the framework in which students learn. It is a powerful tool with which to guide student learning. This booklet is an introduction to issues in assessment in higher education.
Bioassess: Enhancing Assessment in the Biological Sciences - ideas and resources for university educators (2007)
  • The bioassess website presents a comprehensive picture of assessment practice and learning priorities in the biological sciences. It incorporates specific examples drawn from undergraduate courses in a diverse arrary of life science disciplines, and provides strategies and tips to guide good practice in assessment. While having a focus on the biological sciences, the bioassess site has much wider application and covers topics of relevance to all disciplines.
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