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About This Toolbox
This toolbox includes resources and outcomes that were produced from an Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Seed Grant during 2014-2016, titled: But when do I get my mark? Students' responsiveness to adaptively released assessment feedback. The contents of this toolbox have been designed especially for use within the higher education sector and may be of particular interest to course designers and lecturers who are interested in rethinking traditional processes of providing assessment feedback to their students with the intention of engaging students in reflection about their own learning by transforming some elements of the assessment process.

Adaptively-released assessment feedback (ARAF) strategies are sequenced or staged methods of providing multiple types of feedback (e.g., quantitative scores, rubrics, qualitative comments) to students about their assessment tasks. ARAF strategies may also involve students in self-assessment and peer-assessment tasks such as self-evaluation of their own assessment tasks using marking rubrics and assessment criteria.

The role of ARAF strategies is often to interrupt the traditional loop of assessment submission by students and grading by lecturers through the promotion of reflection, engagement and action. ARAF strategies can incorporate the use of developmental and diagnostic assessment feedback to influence students' intentions to modify their future learning approaches.
Case Studies ^
Case 1: First year undergraduate unit Case 2: Third year undergraduate unit Case 3: Postgraduate unit
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Report of student attitudes | Report of student responses | Report of lecturer responses
What can you do? ^
Guiding questions | Recommendations for practice | Future research directions
Publications, readings and references ^
Project publications | Annotated bibliography of key readings | Readings about strategies
Project Information ^
Title: But when do I get my mark? Students' responsiveness to adaptively released assessment feedback
Program funding: $50,000 funded by Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Seed Projects
Duration of the project: 4 December 2014 - 1 March 2016
Researching team: Prof. Tony Williams, Assoc. Prof. Maria Northcote, Dr Lindsay Morton
Research assistant: Alexandra Johnson
Site development: Dr John Seddon
Graphic design: Tish Maguire
Video development: Kerrie Boddey, Chris Boddey


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