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Project Publications

The researchers involved in this project have written the following three papers which are in various stages of publication:

Refereed conference paper
The following paper was presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference in Fremantle, Western Australia in December 2015:

Morton, L., Johnson, A., Williams, A., & Northcote, M. (2015, in press). Research-informed guidelines for the development of adaptively-released assessment feedback (ARAF) strategies in higher education. Paper presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2015, University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle, Western Australia. [online copy]

Assessment feedback has the potential to significantly impact on learning; this can be in the form of quantitative or qualitative feedback, or both. While assessment feedback is intended to provide students with insight into how their learning has progressed against learning outcomes, exploratory research into the impact of assessment feedback has found that students pay more heed to numeric grades than qualitative comments, despite the latter having more potential to positively impact learning.
[online copy]

This paper reports on a project, funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), to determine the impact of feedback strategies on students’ learning. Academic staff and students' perspectives were sought about the manner in which assessment feedback was provided to establish the impact feedback had on learning.

This study considered differentiated types of assessment feedback and the way in which they were distributed, to determine the quality of students' post-assessment learning and students’ ability to reflect on past learning to enhance future learning. The potential of Adaptively-Released Assessment Feedback (ARAF) strategies was considered for the purpose of engaging both lecturers and students in assessment for and assessment as—rather than assessment of—learning.

Refereed journal article no. 1
The following article was submitted to the Active Learning in Higher Education journal in February 2016:

Title: Transforming assessment feedback design: The development of adaptively-released assessment feedback (ARAF) strategies

Authors: Maria Northcote, Lindsay Morton, Alexandra Johnson, Anthony Williams, Peter Kilgour, Sherry Hattingh

Abstract: Assessment design is increasingly an important area for development in higher education. A shift from teacher-focus to student-focus is evident across a range of practices in tertiary education, and assessment is a key area where this redirection can affect significant positive change. This paper reports on Stage 2 of a research project in which innovative assessment strategies were developed to implement across a selection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The recommendations from an earlier pilot project informed the design of these adaptively-released assessment feedback (ARAF) tools, resulting in three course-specific sets of strategies to re-focus assessment on student learning. This project draws on research regarding how to work towards best practice in higher education assessment and foster co-learning between respondents and researchers. The project’s approach has been purposefully designed to ensure it could be applied in a range of higher education institutions, regardless of differences in Learning Management Systems.

Paper submitted to: Active Learning in Higher Education journal: http://alh.sagepub.com

Refereed journal article no. 2
The team are currently preparing a paper on the disruptive nature of using ARAF strategies with undergraduate and postgraduate students. This article will be submitted in 2016 to the Innovations in Education and Teaching International

Title: Disruptive assessment feedback practices and their impact on student learning in higher education

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