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Guiding questions

To assist you with considering how to use adaptively-released assessment feedback (ARAF) strategies in your own teaching and learning context, please consider the following guiding questions:

  •  What skills/attitudes/knowledge do I want students to take away from this process?
  • How can I best prepare students to gain maximum impact for this process?
  • How can I best prepare students to mitigate anxiety resulting from the adaptive release of feedback?
  • How can I design assessment tasks to allow students to incorporate and use feedback to improve in a follow up assessment?
  • Are my ARAF strategies designed with maximum efficiency for implementation?
  • Could I use ICT to simplify the delivery of feedback?
  • Do my templates/rubrics encourage reflection that goes beyond superficial thinking?
  • Is my feedback sufficiently detailed to give students areas to reflect on for improvement?
  • What are the consistent themes in student reflections? Can I modify my practice to address any of these issues?
  • How can I ensure feedback is available for student use after the close of this unit?

For further guidance, access the Project Publications, the Annotated Bibliography and the Readings about ARAF strategies.

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