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Future research directions
In this study, most of the lecturers of relatively small cohorts also filled the role of tutor and assessor. Future research will need to consider possible limitations of the implementation of adaptively-released assessment feedback (ARAF) strategies in units or courses that have larger cohorts and a range of lecturers and tutors delivering the unit. Such research could investigate the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in the design and support of ARAF strategies, along with an investigation into how such strategies could be incorporated into rather than adding to the lecturers’ and tutors’ workloads.

It is important to determine whether ARAF strategies increases student capacity for reflection and action beyond a single unit or course conducted in one semester. While students were asked in this project to indicate their intention of incorporating feedback into future assessment tasks, future longitudinal research could consider the extent to which students recognise their own role and agency in metaphase learning, and use feedback to inform future practice into the next semester and beyond.
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