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Annotating Assignments
What is it: Annotating assignments is the process of marking up an assignment with feedback in the form of comments, explanations, advice or other communication designed to assist a student to understand how a learning task is has been marked. Annotations are usually made on the actual assignment, but could also be in other forms such as an audio recording. Annotations are a great way to give qualitative feedback before the quantitative marks are given. Giving qualitative feedback first encourages student to engage with it. Once a quantitative mark is given, students tend to loose interest in engaging with qualitative comments.
Samples of annotations on Written Assignments from UTS students
Video: Annotating & adding comments in a Word 2010 document
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Video: Enabling Ink annotations for marking and grading in Microsoft Word
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Making Annotated Exemplars (MAE)
Article: Handley, K., & Williams, L. (2011). From Copying to Learning: Using Exemplars to Engage Students with Assessment Criteria and Feedback. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 36(1), 95-108.
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    Feedback is central to pedagogic theory, and if feedback is to be effective, students need to engage with it and apply it at some point in the future. However, student dissatisfaction with feedback–as evidenced in the National Student Survey–suggests that there are problems which limit student engagement with feedback, such as their perception that much of their feedback is irrelevant to future assignments. This article reports on a study which sought to enhance engagement by giving students exemplar assignments annotated with feedback “before” submission of their final assignments.
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