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Audio recordings and podcasts
What is it: Kemp, Mellor, Kotter and Oosthoek (2012), begin their paper with a good description.  

The term ‘podcast’ derives literally from a combination of Apple’s iPod and broadcasting, but its accepted meaning is a radio show or any audio-based object such as narrative, lecture, individual or group presentation that is made available through the World Wide Web (Morales & Moses, 2006). Meng (2005) distinguishes between the traditional, audio podcast and the enhanced podcast, or ‘vodcast’ which may contain audio and video materials, together with other multimedia information. Evans (2008) describes podcasting as a form of m-learning or e-learning on the move (Jarvis & Dickie, 2010), in which a mobile device, such as an iPod, MP3 player, PDA or a laptop, is used to listen to or watch an audio or video broadcast. The immediate educational benefit of podcasting technology is the ease with which digital content can be immediately and cheaply disseminated to large audiences on e-learning platforms...

A report on developing podcasts for education [PDF] from Manchester Metropolitan University
  • This report describes the findings of a trial project to investigate the production and use of audio and video podcasts to supplement and support lectures within the Department of Computing and Mathematics at Manchester Metropolitan University for the academic term 2006-7. This project involved action research and was intended to assess student attitudes to podcasting as well as assessing different approaches to producing a podcast.
Student podcasting
  • Although this resource is made for the English Stage 6 syllabus it contains useful information on getting started using podcasting with students.
Hear this! Podcasts as an assessment tool in Higher Education
  • In this example from McGill University take you through a complete process including assessment marking criteria, how the method might be used in a large unit and even example podcasts to listen to.
Assessing 'blogs, 'podcasts, 'wikis' and 'videos
  • Web 2.0 is creeping into assessment in science and other fields. The Australian Learning and Teaching Council–funded project New Media for Science explores ways of engaging science students in authentic assessment tasks – to enhance both their content knowledge and their graduate attributes – through science communication.
Put the Pencil Down: Using Student Podcasts to Assess Learning in a For-Credit Research Course
  • Though not strictly performance-based, it was theorized that these podcast assessments had performance-based elements, such as elicitation of “higher-order learning skills and reasoning” and contextualization which would make the podcasts more authentic forms of assessment than fixed-choice tests.
Podcast rubric from innoteach
  • Full rubric example for assessing a podcast (PDF format)
iRubric: Podcast Presentation Rubric
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