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What is it: A contract is a legally binding or valid agreement, which is used to govern the relationship between two or more people or entities, creating obligations that are usually enforceable by law.
Note: See separate page for learning contracts
  • In the student realm contract can also refer to learning contracts which are more often a socially binding agreement between learners and lecturers and or between students themselves e.g. in group work.
Contracts - The Law Society of New South Wales
  • Know Your Rights is our series of easy-to-follow guides to solving everyday legal problems. These are meant to provide general information only and won’t give you a definitive analysis of the subject. You should always see your solicitor before taking any action.
Elements of a contract
  • The Law Handbook is a practical guide to the law in Victoria, updated by over 80 legal experts.
Rubric example for drafting a Contract - Grade Levels: Undergraduate, Graduate
The Australian National Audit Office | Developing and Managing Contracts | Contract manager self-assessment tool PDF (as .XLS) |
  • The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has a strong interest in efficient and effective contract management. Contracting is an integral part of doing business in the public sector. The delivery of many, if not most, government programs now involve some contracting with private sector providers. As a result, developing and managing contracts is a skill required by public sector entities1 in the management of the majority, if not all, programs. However, contract management is not an end in itself, and it is important that all contracting decisions and actions focus on the outcomes that entities are seeking to achieve and cost-effective delivery approaches.
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