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What is it: Moderation is a quality assurance process that ensures appropriate standards. It is a process for ensuring that marks or grades are awarded appropriately and consistently. Moderation involves checking and reviewing assessment schemes, items and assessor judgments. Source University of Southern Queensland: READ MORE  


NOTE: In the first instance you will need to read and be conservant with the Moderation policy [A.24] , which outlines the process and responsibilities for administration, moderators and lecturers.


James Cook University (JCU) - PDF presentation on  good moderation
  • This extensive presentation is for JCU staff to help gain a broad sense of the principles of good moderation. The references refer to JCU policies, but the concepts stand up to our goals. It also links to many useful sources from other university's.
Developing and Testing Models for Benchmarking and Moderation of Assessment for Private Higher Education Providers
  • The specific purpose of this project was to benchmark assessment moderation in four colleges by applying the Garlick and Pryor (2004) model of benchmarking.
Assuring Learning and Teaching Standards through Inter-Institutional Peer Review and Moderation | Final report | A User Guide and Handbook
  • This project addresses the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) imperative to demonstrate sector-level, self-regulated, robust approaches for assuring quality and standards and highlights the role of peer review. The project tested an inter-institutional blind peer review methodology using a broad, representative range of university partners.
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