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Rubrics and marking guides
What is it: A rubric for assessment, usually in the form of a matrix or grid, is a tool used to interpret and grade students' work against criteria and standards. Rubrics are sometimes called "criteria sheets", "grading schemes", or "scoring guides". Rubrics can be designed for any content domain. UNSW

Examples of rubrics


Using Rubrics in Student Assessment
Creating and Using Rubrics
Practical guidelines for writing assessment criteria and standards
Rubrics for assessment
  • - Teachers who integrate technology into student activities and projects often ask us this question - “How do I grade it?”

iRubric - a resource from Ontario, Canada

Rubric generators


  • Rubistar is a free tool to help teachers create rubrics.

Rubric articles

Designing Rubrics for Assessing Higher Order Thinking by William Peirce

  • This is the text version of a workshop presented at AFACCT Howard Community College Columbia, MD
Sample Rubric for Assessing Photographs
  • Lanley College -
    Offers a sample rubric and more, including
    a method of alignment of assessment to course objectives.

Classifying levels of educational learning outcomes and matching assessment types

  • Resources concerning Bloom's taxonomy (revised)
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