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Online quizzes
What is it: Online quizzes can be comprised of a number of different types of questions, some of which can be marked automatically (e.g. multiple choice; true/false) while others must be manually marked (e.g. paragraph style questions). Quizzes can be an effective way of assessing students, however, as with any assessment, the use of quizzes must be aligned to the subject learning outcomes and be carefully planned and constructed. (UOW)
Why use online quizzes for assessment and feedback
How do I design effective online assessment activities in my subject?
Effective quiz practices (using Moodle)
  • (2014) have provided this resource as a guide to effective quiz practices using Moodle quizzes.
Blended learning activity 5: Student-generated quiz questions with PeerWise
Working with quizzes in Moodle
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