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What is it: Performance assessment is an approach to determine student learning that does not rely upon [lower order skills, such as] multiple-choice tests as the sole measure of student learning. Performance-based assessment operates on the premise that a [learner] experiences a more complex task when asked to perform, create, or construct an answer rather than to [simplistically] choose the correct answer among a small set of possible answers. [Jaquith, Martin, & Johnston, 2014 ]. Performance assessment can also refer to judgements about performance or competence made in relation to specified criteria of how a group of students has worked together (see Group Projects).
How to Assess Students’ Learning and Performance
Performance Assessment: A Guide to Requirements and Processes
Performance assessment example and accompanying rubric
Assessing creativity
  • This presentation describes the assessment criteria used within the Theatre Workshop at the School of English at Leeds University and reflects on how creativity is accounted for.
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