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Process diaries
What is it: For e-learning teachers to have access to students’ learning progression, they need an instrument to communicate this process. The use of process diaries to support student-focused methods could be one solution to this challenge. These diaries provide a digital place where teachers can respond to students’ work processes, and give feedback to encourage, challenge and guide them. This method of formative assessment could be one way to bridge the distance between teaching and learning in e-learning courses. [Source]. Watch a video on process diaries.
Example of a Group Presentation & Individual Process Diary assignment
[Article] Process Diaries: Formative and Summative Assessment in e-Learning courses
  • Buzzetto-More, N. A. (Ed.). (2007). Advanced Principles of Effective e-Learning Santa Rosa, California: Informing Science Press. (Chapter 10) (pp. 245-266).
[Article] Using digital and paper diaries for assessment 
and learning purposes in higher education: a case of critical 
reflection or constrained compliance?
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